Münter-Haus and Walchensee: A Daytrip from Munich

I hardly ever write about places in my Bavarian home, and decided, that this unfortunate habit has to change. Why is it that we find the area that we spend the most time in, the least exciting? During the last weeks we had a number of friends from abroad visiting, showing them around and taking them to the most picturesque places around Munich.

A daytrip that I can highly recommend is a day-ish trip to the so-called Münter-Haus. This house is located in Murnau and surround by a beautiful flower garden. The house is where the artist Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinsky lived and worked in the early 20th century. Some works of theirs are exposed in the small residence, and many more were created by the famous painters.

My favorite details is the staircase which is handpainted and covered in flower ornaments.


Münter Haus

The handpainted staircase is one of the many little details thoughout the house, where the painters Gabriele Münter and Wassily Kandinsky lived in the early 1900s. Part of their group were also Franz Marc and Alexej von Jawlensky, and the house was also called “Russian House” due to the inhabitants.


After a trip around the house (which is relatively small in size, just think of regular small family home), we drove half an hour further, all the way up to Lake Walchensee.

I have always been stunned by the amazing turquoise color of the lake, and the further up you go to admire it, the bolder the color seems.

So that is what we did - we took a cable car, the Herzogstandbahn up the Fahrenberg, from where you can hike and admire the lake from above.


After a short walk on top of the mountain, there are possibilities to hike to Herzogstand, enjoy the sight and also get a hearty snack at a mountain lodge. A favorite when hiking is Almdudler, an Austrian lemonade made from herbs.


After a short hike down the mountain (or you can take the cablecar to return) we found ourselves a lovely spot at the lake we admired from above and went swimming in the cold Alpine water. During the day a number of people will have a similar idea, but when the sun goes down at night will the perfect time for a quick after-hike dip.

Lake Walchensee in the evening sun

Lake Walchensee in the evening sun