Eating in Berlin - a Weekend Food Tour

Food options are wide and endless in Berlin, and while I have my go-to regulars to eat at whenever I’m in town, I love trying out new places and find new favorites with every visit to the German capital. Fellow foodie Kay and I spent a weekend wining and dining and brunching and snacking, all in the name of research.

If you spend a weekend in Berlin, you can copy this tour and will see a few neighborhoods and walk many miles in between, which will be a good idea, considering all the snacks on the way.

Here is where we went and what we had.



(Weekend Edition)

This is Kay and the face he makes when he thinks of Ramen.

Lon Men’s Noodle House

We rang in the weekend with an early dinner at the Taiwanese gem in Charlottenburg . My food trips usually do not take me that far West, and this little restaurant is definitely a highlight on Kantstraße, where a few Asian places are.

They offer quite a range of Dim Sum, Noodle soups and other dishes from the Taiwanese island. We opted for a selection of starters, and they have lots of veggie options. The tofu in sauce is a highlight, and we licked the plates after a matter of minutes.

^ tofu in sauce, pickled vegetables and dumplings v several starters, mixed steamed dim sum

^ tofu in sauce, pickled vegetables and dumplings v several starters, mixed steamed dim sum

Brammibal’s Donuts (Neukölln)

there has been quite a hype about the (kind of) new vegan donuts in town, and these are ranking high among my favorites. The flavors vary, there are charity donut options, and all of them are vegan. And afters sampling most of them (on different occasions ;) ) I can say that all of them taste amazing (hello smoked coconut maple syrup donut!).


Shishi (Kreuzberg)

We love the Israeli place Yafo and their modern oriental cuisine a lot, so when we heard about their new brother, Shishi, we put it on our to do list. Fun fact: we were the first an only people visiting for their new opening on Saturdays and had their lunch option, one of them being a bulgur salad and the other one chicken in a bag. Both were very tasty and we would love to come again for dinner some time!


Hokey Pokey (Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow)

After lunch we took a little break for beers and ice cream at Hokey Pokey. They have two outlets in Berlin and we opted for the less crowded one. I picked the Sicilian pistaccio and the buttered caramel flavor and I would do it again.


Cocolo Ramen (Mitte, Kreuzberg)

For dinner we went to one of my all time favorites, Cocolo Ramen. I had only been at the Kreuzberg location before, and this time I made sure that the one in Mitte is equally good.

I love their homemade lemonade but the other beverages are good as well. If you are a strict vegetarian or vegan, there is one veggie ramen option (miso) on the menu. I love their starters, too, the kimchi is really good! And can we talk about the bowls and plates? I like them a lot and wish they would sell them, too!


Nothaft&Seidel (Prenzlauer Berg)

We had ambitous plans for lunch (my all-time favorite, Thai Park), so breakfast was just a bite and a coffee on the way there. we picked Nothaft&Seidel at Eberswalderstraße, where the cool kids sip their lattes and eat matcha cake. I had banana bread and Kay had a coffee and a croissant. The café is a good spot for people watching and their treats are tasty.




my favorite spot for sundays (and some other days) during the warmers months. I even skipped breakfast for this!

Thai Park (Wilmersdorf)

My personal highlight has always been the infamous Thai Park (or Thai Wiese) in Preußenpark. It is an inofficial gathering of expats from Thailand, who originally met there once a week to celebrate their food, cook, and hang out. Today the events are still inofficial and not licensed, but there is now a huge offer of foods and drinks from South East Asia, made by members of the Asian community, and sold just like street food in Bangkok. I can assure you, I tried a lot of it over time and it tastes exactly like it does in Thailand!

Being the biggest fan of papaya salad, I can happily announce that a perfect one is being sold here. You can find everything from drinks (Thai iced tea, young coconuts, Chang beer) to food (dumplings, curries, whole fish, sticky rice with mango… where do they get a perfectly ripe and sweet, almost orange mango from?), you get the idea, I love this place.

California Pops, Prenzlauer Berg

it’s popsicle time! After Thai Park I had very little room left for desert, but I’d also never turn down a raspberry sorbet, so this was a perfect refreshment on the go. There are various flavors, creamy, salty and fruity, and all of them looked great and cute.

St Bart (Neukölln)

St Bart is technically a pub, and we had really good drinks here, but while you are here, you should definitely get dinner, too. I came for the Scotch eggs, but since we were pretty late, they had already run out of them for the day. Their other options are great, too: simple dishes with good ingredients, suprisingly German (hello bread and beans!) and a good

They offer large dishes to share (such as a whole chicken) but also smaller portions where you can order a few. Which we did. The meat eater had ham and green beans, bread and butter, and the popular bacon sandwiches. Which was ambitious, considering the sizes! I had potatoes and anchovis, which is a tasy company for a cocktail. They have beers and ciders on tab, and we liked the atmosphere, which I would describe as cozy and classy.


House of Small Wonder (Mitte)

We saved breakfast for monady, which is a wise idea, regarding the endless lines and overtakting no-reservation policies on the weekend. I liked the idea of the House of Small Wonder, which is a Japanese-American-German fusion, and after seeing pictures of the place, I was sold. There is always a wait, and used our time for a little pre breakfast, but more of that later.

At the place itself, there are a fe common dishes offered, and also some that you know from Japan. Onigiri even! But I got a classic, fried eggs with potato gratin, and a mimosa. Kay ordered a pork roll and a bloody mary. All in all the food was good, but what makes the wait worth it, is certainly the environment.

The famous stairway at House of Small Wonder

The famous stairway at House of Small Wonder

Kame (Mitte)

this Japanese bakery is a gem, and I was so happy that Kay, the food-pusher, convinced me to get a few snacks before breakfast. I had a fried veggie curry roll and a small piece of matcha brownie, and both were so good, and reminded me of our daily snacks in Japan. Kay had a vanille cremepan. They also serve Japanese tea and have bento boxes, bowls and onigiri for lunch.

our snack setup at Kame

our snack setup at Kame

Then it was time to leave Foodie City again for now, and also time for a little detox :) But I’ll be back soon and eat all the food, I promise!