A Bike Ride Across the Golden Gate Bridge



a bike ride over San Francisco’s landmark #1

The Golden Gate Bridge is such an important and historically loaded landmark, that when I first spotted it from afar (while hiking Land’s End) I knew I wanted to get closer and get the whole experience - which is riding a bike over it.

the view from Crissy fields, quite at the start of the ride. excuse my vacation mani :)

the view from Crissy fields, quite at the start of the ride. excuse my vacation mani :)


Renting a bike in San Francisco is easy, and I found a company that doesn’t only make it a quick experience, but gives you a voucher over the amount spent to redeem at a sports gear shop. And this is how I not only got a well maintained bike for a day, but also basically free shoes.


Depending on where you rent your bike, the ride starts somewhere downtown and leads along the piers, passing by Fisherman’s Wharf and riding along the beaches of Crissy’s Field, from where you already get a beautiful view over the bridge, and I shot a few pictures.

The road, bike lanes left and ride.

The road, bike lanes left and ride.


The bike ride from Fisherman’s Wharf to Sausalito is about 8 miles, mostly even, but some steep hills to get up to the bridge and ride downhill on the other side after (yay!). Including a little walk and a snack in Sausalito, then taking a ferry back, this makes for a nice half day in the Californian sun. I can say for myself, this ride was so much fun and I considered riding the bridge back in the afternoon instead of taking the ferry. (Which I lucky did not, because the view from the ferry was something else).

After the bridge: the road to Sausalito (all downhill)

I did not spend a lot of time in Sausalito itself, but I saw it was a beach town and popular destination for a day trip outside of the city.