Ouarzazarte - Rock the Casbah

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There is not much to do and see in Ouzazarte. Yet I took the 8-hour bus from Marrakech to see the casbah and desert that I had heard so much about before. I am totally in love with the desert, the endless view over sandy hills, and the shape of the landscape formed by sun and wind.


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The casbahs of Taourirt an Ouarzazarte

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side of the road to Ouarzazarte

side of the road to Ouarzazarte

While I knew that the clay houses are often being used as film sets, I was not really aware, that there are actual people living in the houses, selling souvenirs and showing visitors around in their living room.

river bed near the casbah   

river bed near the casbah


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If you have the time for a trip from Marrakech, or on the way to Southern Morocco anyway, I can recommend spending a day in the desert.