Jardin Majorelle - the Garden of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé

I fell in love with Jardin Majorelle long before I ever had the chance to visit it. The beautiful garden is full of well curated cacti and palm trees which are not only imressive by size, but also very well cared for. No wonder Yves Saint Laurent decided to make this place his and his partner's home! 


The overall color scheme matches the North African summer heat so well, and I just could not stop snapping pictures of every corner. Be aware: I heard a few times that a quality of my photography was to make it look like places were uncrowded and even deserted. This might be the case here, because believe me, that place is packed with visitors! Queues often go around the block and you step on each other's toes, so I'd try and go really early to inhale the magic of the place.

sunbathing turtles by the pond

sunbathing turtles by the pond